Project Setup

Installation of package into project

  1. Xamarin forms project

    • Step: 1

      • Add accura service file into your main project directory. Right click on forms project -> Add -> Existing file -> Choose bellow file.

      • IAccuraScanService.cs

    • Step: 2

      • Add following NewGet packages into xamarin project.

      • Newtonsoft.Json

      • Xamarin.Essentials

Create Your Own Accura Scan License

Accura Scan has three license require for use full functionality of this library. To generate your Accura Scan license contact

key.license: This license is compulsory for the library to work and provides all the necessary setup for the Accura SDK.

accuraface.license: This license is used to obtain face match percentages between two face pictures.

accuraactiveliveness.license: This license is used to check active liveness between a face picture and a selfie camera.

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