Project Setup

Installation using NPM

npm i accurascan_kyc

Installation using Yarn

yarn add 'accurascan_kyc'

Create Your Own Accura Scan License

Accura Scan has two license require for use full functionality of this library. To generate your Accura Scan license contact

The first license, "key.license," is mandatory for the library to function properly. It includes all the necessary setup for the Accura SDK. The second license, "accuraface.license," is used to obtain the face match percentages between two face pictures. To set up the licenses, follow these steps:

  1. Create an "assets" folder under app/src/main in your project directory.

  2. Place the license files in the assets folder:

• key.license (for Accura Scan OCR) • accuraface.license (for Accura Scan Face Match) By following these instructions, you will properly set up the licenses by adding the license files to the designated assets folder.

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