Accura Scan’s OCR scans and extracts data from any government Id globally.

The method use to Scan OCR

AccurascanKyc.startOcrWithCard(passArgs, function (error, success));


config: [CountryId, CardId, CardName, CardType]

  • CountryId: integer

  • CardId: integer

  • CardName: String

  • CardType: integer

In the above method, the 'config' parameter is an array that consists of the following values, provided in the same format and sequence as shown below: Country ID, Card ID, Card Name, and Card Type. All these values will be provided by the license. Please note that the specific values for Country ID, Card ID, Card Name, and Card Type will vary based on your licensing information.


Success: JSON Response Error: String

Example Function:

onPressOCR = () => {
   let passArgs = [
     // all the values will be provided by the license
     this.countrySelected.id,  //integer
     this.cardSelected.id,     //integer
     this.cardSelected.name,   //String
     this.cardSelected.type,   //integer
   //Method for start OCR scaning from native OS.
   AccurascanKyc.startOcrWithCard(passArgs, (error, response) => {
     if (error != null) {
     } else {
       console.log('Success!', response);

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