Setup Accura License and Configurations

Generate your Accura Scan license from

Step 1: Add license file in to your project. key.license

Make sure to rename your license with the proper name and format, which is key with the extension license. Eventually, it will look like key.license

Step 2: To initialize sdk on app start:

import AccuraOCR
var accuraCameraWrapper: AccuraCameraWrapper? = nil
var arrCountryList = NSMutableArray()
accuraCameraWrapper = AccuraCameraWrapper.init()
	let sdkModel = accuraCameraWrapper.loadEngine(your PathForDirectories)
	if (sdkModel.i > 0) {
		if(sdkModel!.isBankCardEnable) {
			self.arrCountryList.add("Bank Card")
		if(sdkModel!.isMRZEnable) {
			self.arrCountryList.add("All MRZ")
			// ID MRZ
			// Visa MRZ
			// Passport MRZ
			// All MRZ
		// if sdkModel.isOCREnable then get card data

		if (sdkModel.isOCREnable) let countryListStr = self.videoCameraWrapper?.getOCRList();
			if (countryListStr != null) {
				for i in countryListStr!{
		if(sdkModel!.isBarcodeEnable) {
	arrCountryList to get value(forKey: "card_name") //get card Name
	arrCountryList to get value(forKey: "country_id") //get country id
	arrCountryList to get value(forKey: "card_id") //get card id

Step 2.1: Update filters config like below.

Call this function after initialize sdk if license is valid(sdkModel.i > 0)

  • Set Blur Percentage to allow blur on document

// 0 for clean document and 100 for Blurry document
  • Set Blur Face Percentage to allow blur on detected Face

// 0 for clean face and 100 for Blurry face
  • Set Glare Percentage to detect Glare on document

// Set min and max percentage for glare
accuraCameraWrapper?.setGlarePercentage(6/*minPercentage*/, 98/*maxPercentage*/)
  • Set Photo Copy to allow photocopy document or not

// Set allow photocopy document or not
  • Set Hologram detection to verify the hologram on the face

// true to check hologram on face
  • Set Low Light Tolerance to allow lighting to detect documant

// 0 for full dark document and 100 for full bright document
  • Set motion threshold to detect motion on camera document

// 1 - allows 1% motion on document and
// 100 - it can not detect motion and allow document to scan.
  • Sets camera Facing front or back camera

  • Flip camera

  • Set Front/Back Side Scan

  • Enable Print logs in OCR and Liveness SDK

accuraCameraWrapper?.showLogFile(true) // Set true to print log from KYC SDK

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