Accura liveness

This step-by-step process will help you setup Accura Scan’s Liveness solution.

Contact to to get Url for liveness

Step 1: Open camera for liveness Detectcion.

  • import the module name import AccuraLiveness_fm if you are using AccuraLiveness_FM pod

  • Setup auto capture Camera

//set liveness url
var liveness = Liveness()
liveness.setLivenessURL("/*Your URL*/")

// To customize your screen theme and feed back messages
liveness.setFeedBackframeMessage("Frame Your Face")
liveness.setFeedBackAwayMessage("Move Phone Away")
liveness.setFeedBackOpenEyesMessage("Keep Open Your Eyes")
liveness.setFeedBackCloserMessage("Move Phone Closer")
liveness.setFeedBackCenterMessage("Center Your Face")
liveness.setFeedbackMultipleFaceMessage("Multiple face detected")
liveness.setFeedBackFaceSteadymessage("Keep Your Head Straight")
liveness.setFeedBackLowLightMessage("Low light detected")
liveness.setFeedBackBlurFaceMessage("Blur detected over face")
liveness.setFeedBackGlareFaceMessage("Glare detected")

// 0 for clean face and 100 for Blurry face
liveness.setBlurPercentage(80) // set blure percentage -1 to remove this filter

// Set min and max percentage for glare
liveness.setGlarePercentage(6, 99) //set glaremin -1 and glaremax -1 to remove this filter

// if you want to enable SSL certificate pinning for Liveness API set it true. 
// if 'evaluateServerTrustWIthSSLPinning()' is true must have to add SSL Certificate of Your liveness API Server in Your Proeject's Root directory

Step 2: To Start Liveness


Step 3: Handle Accura liveness Result

// it calls when get liveness result
func livenessData(_ stLivenessValue: String, livenessImage: UIImage, status: Bool){

// it calls when liveness camera view dissappear
func livenessViewDisappear() {

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