Accura Scan’s MRZ scans and extracts the MRZ data from any government Id globally.

Steps to Install and Run the MRZ Docker

Step 1:

Pull AccuraMRZ Docker image (latest tag) using the command docker pull accurascan/mrz:<latest tag>

Visit to check the latest available version of AccuraMRZ

docker pull accurascan/mrz:6.0.0

Step 2:

Run the docker by using the command: sudo docker run -d -it -p port-you-want-accuramrz-to-run-on:80 --restart=always accurascan/mrz:<latest tag>

sudo docker run -d -it -p 3001:80 --restart=always accurascan/mrz:6.0.0

Step 3:

Generate a license from developer account from “” using your server details

Upload your license accessing "https://<yourdomain:port>" using a browser, Example is shown in the image below.

Step 4:

Use “https://yourdomain:port/api.php” (POST request) to access the API, an example post request is shown below.

POST https://yourdomain:port/api.php

Request Body




Upload your image file

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