Setting Title & Error messages

The following methods are commonly used to set up error and scanning title messages.

Methods use to set all the configuration is

accura.setupAccuraConfig( config, function (result), function (error));


config: JSON Object


Success: JSON Response = {"Messages setup successfully"} Error: String

Example Function:

function setupAccuraConfig() {

    var config = {
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_MOTION:'Keep Document Steady',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_DOCUMENT_IN_FRAME:'Keep document in frame',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_BRING_DOCUMENT_IN_FRAME:'Bring card near to frame',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_BLUR_DOCUMENT:'Blur detect in document',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_FACE_BLUR:'Blur detected over face' ,
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_GLARE_DOCUMENT:'Glare detect in document' ,
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_HOLOGRAM:'Hologram Detected', 
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_DARK_DOCUMENT:'Low lighting detected',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_PHOTO_COPY_DOCUMENT: 'Can not accept Photo Copy Document',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_FACE:'Face not detected',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_MRZ:'MRZ not detected',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_PASSPORT_MRZ:'Passport MRZ not detected',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_ID_MRZ:'ID card MRZ not detected',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_VISA_MRZ:'Visa MRZ not detected',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_WRONG_SIDE:'Scanning wrong side of document',
        ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_UPSIDE_DOWN_SIDE:'Document is upside down. Place it properly',
        IS_SHOW_LOGO: true,
        SCAN_TITLE_OCR_FRONT: 'Scan Front Side of OCR Document',
        SCAN_TITLE_OCR_BACK: 'Scan Back Side of OCR Document',
        SCAN_TITLE_BANKCARD:'Scan Bank Card',
        SCAN_TITLE_BARCODE:'Scan Barcode',
        SCAN_TITLE_MRZ_PDF417_FRONT:'Scan Front Side of Document',
        SCAN_TITLE_MRZ_PDF417_BACK:'Now Scan Back Side of Document',
        SCAN_TITLE_DLPLATE:'Scan Number Plate'
    accura.setupAccuraConfig( config, function (result) {
        console.log("Messgae:- ", result);
    }, function (error) {

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