Setting Configurations, Error messages, Camera customization

The following methods are commonly used to set up configurations, error messages, scanning title messages, and camera customization

The method use to set Configs Message

AccurascanKyc.setupAccuraConfig( [config, accuraConfigs, accuraTitleMsg], function (error, success));


config: JSON Object


Success: JSON Response = {"Messages setup successfully"} Error: String

Example Function:

 setUpCustomMessages = () => {
  var config = {
    setFaceBlurPercentage: 80,   // 0 for clean face and 100 for Blurry face
    setHologramDetection: true,  // true to check hologram on face
    setLowLightTolerance: 10,    // 0 for full dark document and 100 for full bright document
    setMotionThreshold: 25,      // 1 - allows 1% motion on document and 100 - it can not detect motion and allow document to scan.
    setMinGlarePercentage: 6,    // Set min percentage for glare
    setMaxGlarePercentage: 99,   // Set max percentage for glare
    setBlurPercentage: 60,       //0 for clean document and 100 for Blurry document

  var accuraConfigs = {
    enableLogs: 0,
    isShowLogo: 1,     //To hide Logo pass 0
    isFlipImg: 1,      //To hide flip animation pass 0
    CameraScreen_Frame_Color: '#D5323F',  //Pass a Hex Code to change frame color
    CameraScreen_Text_Color: '#FFFFFF',   //Pass a Hex Code to change text color
    CameraScreen_Text_Border_Color: '#000000', //Pass a Hex Code to change text border color
    CameraScreen_Color: '#80000000', //Pass a Hex Code to change Camera Screen Background color
    CameraScreen_Back_Button: 1, //Pass 0 to hide back button in iOS
    CameraScreen_Change_Button: 1, //Pass 0 to hide flip camera button
    CameraScreen_CornerBorder_Enable: false, //To enable corner border frame pass true
    Disable_Card_Name: false, //To disable taking card name automatically pass true
    CameraScreen_Border_Width: 10,
    Disable_Card_Name: false,
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_MOTION: 'Keep Document Steady',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_DOCUMENT_IN_FRAME: 'Keep document in frame',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_BRING_DOCUMENT_IN_FRAME: 'Bring card near to frame',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_BLUR_DOCUMENT: 'Blur detect in document',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_FACE_BLUR: 'Blur detected over face',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_GLARE_DOCUMENT: 'Glare detect in document',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_HOLOGRAM: 'Hologram Detected',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_DARK_DOCUMENT: 'Low lighting detected',
      'Can not accept Photo Copy Document',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_FACE: 'Face not detected',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_MRZ: 'MRZ not detected',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_PASSPORT_MRZ: 'Passport MRZ not detected',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_ID_MRZ: 'ID MRZ not detected',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_VISA_MRZ: 'Visa MRZ not detected',
      'Document is upside down. Place it properly',
    ACCURA_ERROR_CODE_WRONG_SIDE: 'Scanning wrong side of Document',

  var accuraTitleMsg = {
    SCAN_TITLE_OCR_FRONT: 'Scan Front side of ',
    SCAN_TITLE_OCR_BACK: 'Scan Back side of ',
    SCAN_TITLE_OCR: 'Scan ',
    SCAN_TITLE_MRZ_PDF417_FRONT: 'Scan Front Side of Document',
    SCAN_TITLE_MRZ_PDF417_BACK: 'Scan Back Side of Document',
    SCAN_TITLE_DLPLATE: 'Scan Number plate',
    SCAN_TITLE_BARCODE: 'Scan Barcode',
    SCAN_TITLE_BANKCARD: 'Scan BankCard',

  //Method for setup config into native OS.
    [config, accuraConfigs, accuraTitleMsg],
    (error, response) => {
      if (error != null) {
      } else {
        console.log('Message:- ', response);

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